Hatchery Production

pdf iconTerminal Creek Hatchery 2017 Production Results

pdf iconTerminal Creek Hatchery 2016 Production Results

pdf iconTerminal Creek Hatchery 2015 Production Results

Over 1,100 chum spawners returned to The Lagoon and Davies Creek throughout October and November, 2016. Most were the result of brood year 2012 chum released in the spring of 2013.

Bob Turner, whose passion for Howe Sound is only exceeded by his passion for the Bowen community, video’d and produced a fantastic film (below) which captures the excitement in the community.

November 29, 2016 – read Here comes the Coho!
– article by Tim Pardee for the Bowen Island Undercurrent

This is our “incubation” room. The eggs develop in these trays until they are ready to be transferred into the troughs.  If the water temperature averages about 10 degrees then they will be in the trays for about 45 days.

On a good year we will have about 200,000 Chum eggs and about 40,000 Coho.  When the eggs develop to where they no longer have an “egg sack” they are transferred into the hatchery troughs.

The next photographs show many thousands of healthy Chum that will be soon be released into our Bowen Creeks.